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I Got a Guy Construction, Inc. was founded on the basic idea that contractors are very good at their certain area of expertise; however most often they will lack the component of organization, scheduling and follow through – the items they don’t like to do because they are not billable hours. Most contractors will say that they can manage both being in the field and behind the desk filling up their weekly schedule and billing out their clients on time. Just ask when a friend refers you a contractor and this is often what they say. It is often we hear from our clients that they have an amazing plumber or electrician they have been using for 20 years. They will also tell you that when they scheduled their last appointment for Tuesday, the contractor forgot to mention which Tuesday they will be there! Or, when they received the bill, it was an invoice for a house the contractor worked on down the street. Well intentioned of course, but just not the strong suit of most contractors.

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I Got a Guy: a slogan that has been overused by many people for many types of necessary services in the maintenance/construction/disaster remediation areas. We have branded our companies’ identity and our new logo on the sole belief that we are the connection between the contractor and the client.

We pride ourselves on customer service fully aware that the lasting impression we leave in their home or commercial space is why our customers become our long term clients. From a broken door knob or painting a room to a full scale gut rehab on an existing structure to ground up new construction, I Got a Guy can handle it all. Our job is to take the guess work, disappointment and concerns out of maintenance, construction and disaster remediation!


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