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Drywall installation services in Wesley Chapel, Clearwater, Tampa, Zephyrhills, Apollo Beach, FL and surrounding areas.

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Drywall provides excellent sound control, structural integrity, and fire resistance. It is easy to decorate and serves as a good base for paint, wallpaper, paneling, textured finishes, decorative fabric, and vinyl wall coverings. The generic term drywall refers to a number of different types of panels, each with characteristics that make it suitable for specific residential and commercial applications.

Types and Uses of Drywall

When most people think of drywall, they probably picture the standard 4×8 panel that has been in use since drywall first became popular. But this is by no means the only size or type of drywall available today. Panels come in lengths of up to 16 ft. and in 48-in. and 54-in. widths. A wide variety of special-use drywall is also available, including moisture/mold-resistantfire-resistant, and abuse-resistant panels; 1/4-in. flexible panels; 1/2-in. high-strength ceiling panels; and foil-backed panels. There is also a lighter-weight drywall, and a new type of drywall that takes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) out of the air, creating healthier environments. In the sections that follow, I’ll guide you through the various types and their uses, the thicknesses and lengths available, and the framing specifications for each one. With this information, you’ll be able to make the right decision about which type of drywall to order when it comes time to plan a job.

What types of drywall projects do we handle?

Here at I Got a Guy we are 100% qualified and guarantee that your drywall installation will look seamless and unnoticeable after we are done with the repair. Here is a short list with some of the drywall services we can provide :

  • Modify existing rooms by adding walls
  • Plaster Repairs
  • New room additions
  • Dividing a large room into two smaller ones
  • Creating door openings for more convenient access
  • Remove popcorn texture from the ceiling
  • We will evaluate the existing texture and give a realistic picture of the reality of matching the texture without it being detected.
  • Repair ceiling to accept new modern texture.
  • Smooth over other textures, such as stomp texture
  • Areas where drywall has been damaged by water from roof leaks
  • Areas where drywall has been damaged by A/C overflow pans leaking or where vents have been re-routed by a technician
  • Areas where plumbers needed to cut holes in drywall to access pipes
  • Areas where electrician cut holes in drywall to run wiring
  • Termite investigations, where drywall was removed to expose damage to wood studs
  • Sink-hole damage, cracks created in corners, walls, and ceiling
  • Damage to walls by homeowners and their children
  • Repair areas where accidents have occurred resulting in damage to the drywall


Drywall repairs and new additions are very common in the Wesley Chapel, Clearwater, Tampa, Zephyrhills, Apollo Beach and surrounding areas. We are able to install and repair any drywall in your home no matter the size of the project. Call us at (813) 956-4013 for a free consultation with one of our drywall specialists.

Our company’s services extend to the communities in and around Wesley Chapel, Zephyrhills, Seffner, Temple Terrace, and many more areas in the Tampa Bay area and Central Florida. For more information on our company’s sought-after services, check out the 5-star reviews left by hundreds of satisfied customers.

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